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Mississauga boxing club’s sessions are based on over 30+ year Fitness and training experience, Our elite boxing’s workouts™ bring together all the excitement of a dynamic fast paced workout while keeping your training technical & fresh, by teaching you the very same  skills, drills & exercises practiced by today’s  top conditioned athletes.


boxing is tops for fitness


Mississauga boxing is the cities premier destination for those looking to learn the sweet science for one very simple reason: this is the only place in the greater Toronto area where you can experience our amazing Elite boxing’s workout.



Take the training out of the picture and you’d still be doing pretty well.

Many people have this mental picture of boxing gyms being  just a bit better than a dungeon,  and in a lot of cases they are not that far off point. Our Mississauga boxing facility is modern, clean and fully equipped with everything you could need both in and out of the ring.


  • Full size boxing ring-  nothing beat the feel of stepping inside the ring. For technical, competetive or fitness training nothing can match the feel of stepping inside the ropes of a real boxing ring.
  • Top of the line Zebra Mats brand floor padding  giving you that realistic feel in and outside of the ring… take a second and think about it, how smart is it to box on carpet or a hard wood floor?
  • Fully equipped changeroom’s- making sure no matter what you have going on after training you can get there feeling fresh even after an epic training session.
  • Punching bags- Ask anyone who trains and they will tell you a good bag is hard to find. Our members have access to a full line of boxing bags ranging from 80-150lbs
  • Multiple training area’s- giving you a chance to always get your training sessions in regardless what else is happing in the gym


mississauga elite boxing ring


Why train here??

FACT | For 90 percent of people going to the standard area “GYM” simply doesnt work.


  • Everyone has   individual fitness/training needs so a cookie cutter approach won’t get you maximum results
  • Running on a never ending treadmill is booring and hitting the weight is repetetive and tough on the joints, most people fall off thier new years fitness resolutions within 6 weeks keeping the system going.
  • You pay for classes and equipment you don’t need. A squat rack is cheap, but a treadmill is not, along with having to keep fitness classes stocked with trainers. You end up paying higher prices for equipment you don’t use.


The proofs in the pudding, gyms are packed with people doing the same old thing either by themselves or with weekend certified personal trainers, getting them no where in a hurry.  Yes you read that right weekend certified!!!  It’s a little known fact locally that in both fitness training and boxing all you need to do to become a trainer is attend a certification course or do the online equivalent.  Opposite of this at the mississauga boxing club every time you lace up your gloves you can be sure the training you’ll be doing is proven to get results in people from all walk’s of life.

Our coaches and trainers  have years of experience working with Boxers, Fitness enthusiasts, Mixed martial artists & beginners interested in learning the sweet science but not keen on getting lost in the shuffle or lack of structure you find in most boxing gyms.



For fitness or fighting, Mississauga Boxing gym is without a doubt the place to be.

Break The Cycle Today And Get The Results You Deserve

  • Burning massive calories in every session, training at mississauga boxing is  a great way to get fit even without getting hit
  • Training for everyone from fitness buffs to professional boxers/mixed martial artists
  • Limited class size, ensuring our trainers can provide you the technical attention you deserve
  • Flexible morning, evening and weekend sessions are available making schedule no issue


So about now you are probably thinking this Boxing thing sounds good maybe ill go do the boxing class at my local gym instead? … Not so fast, this is where we really shine. training  at Elite boxing is catered specifically each members needs, just tell us your training goals and we will work with you to get it done. …


Make no mistake this is no cardio boxing centre…. We are your top choice for boxing training because of the technical expertise, motivational support and overall awesome ”vibe” you’ll get everythime you walk through the door.

Our facility is great, coaching second to none and workout’s so fun and effective that we can sleep easy even after backing it all up with one of a kind 14 day money back guarantee


Our 14 Day 100% Money Back Guarantee

That’s right we are so confident that you’ll see results both in and out the ring at Elite boxing that its no problem for us to run a hassle free 14 day money back guarantee if you are not satisfied for any reason you do not pay a cent.